1.   Considering the sexual indiscretion that happened to Cathy at 16 and the time period was the mid-‘70s, do you understand why Cathy didn’t tell her parents?  Do you think if she had told her parents, she wouldn’t have felt so guilty? Or do you think she would have still felt guilty for Christopher having to face the consequences with the police?

2.  The writer has a call to action to the reader – reach out to people who are grieving, learn to share your story with others.  Do you think you will do this?  Why or why not?

3.  If you had endured the same tragedies and traumas as Cathy – how would your story be different? Would you open up to others, seek help from friends, turn to God or your pastor or would you have sought comfort in drugs, alcohol or running away from life?

4.  In the late ‘80s, not much was known about AIDS.  Do you think Cathy should have been at the hospital with Kerry dying?  Or do you think with her being a single mom, she should have stayed away from her brother?  Explain your answer.

5.  Did you feel inspired by Cathy’s story? Do you admire Cathy for sharing her personal, intimate story or do you feel personal intimate stories should be kept close to heart, not to be shared with others?  Do you think sharing her story has helped her in some way?  Explain.

6.  What is the main “take away” you got from this book?

7.  Do you think you can face a tragedy in your life or help a friend through a tragedy?
Suggested Book Club Questions for Discussion